Donald Kerry Frey has always has a passion for the research and discovery of information. He finds great joy in the process of understanding new things and then using that knowledge to better the world around him for himself and others. Between the two companies that he runs The Nova Tribune (, a news based website, and Frey Robotics (, a technology startup, he is always finding new and innovative ways to develop as well as share information.

The first company helmed by Donald Kerry Frey is The Nova Tribune. The Nova Tribune was founded in order to give readers options when it came to receiving information regarding current issues. It is a source for articles that are written from both sides of current arguments. The other company Donald Kerry Frey founded was that of Frey Robotics. This company was created due to an effort to integrate technology into the home and workplace. As a tech entrepreneur, Donald Kerry Frey has been able to use his knowledge of technology to bring about new solutions to everyday problems and efficiency issues. Frey Robotics has three main components they focus on: robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence. Frey believes that robotics are the way of the future and the more research and syndication we can have into that world, the more developments we can make towards progress for our futures.