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A high-powered tech entrepreneur, Donald Kerry Frey finds that the future of tech relies greatly on getting information into people’s hands. He founded both Frey Robotics ( and Nova Tribune ( because of his strong belief that providing information to people in a way that appeals to all sides of every issue.

Donald Kerry Frey’s passion for information consumption led him to create the news site Nova Tribune. He felt that all other news site approached information from either one side or another and Nova Tribune provides an antidote; a reasonable alternative that informs readers through articles that reflect multiple fields and interests and that makes them see all sides of any argument. Donald Kerry Frey’s significant background as an entrepreneur is the key that provides him with the ability to make sure that The Nova Tribune successful, providing dependable information sources for a long time. It and it’s companion Frey Robotics site works on much the same principle, to show that Automation and robotics are not to be feared. They can move forward and make relatively simple tasks more efficient and effective in the long run, which leads to a brighter future for everyone.

Donald Kerry Frey’s Information Vision

Donald Kerry Frey always has been intent on getting as much information out as possible. He believes that information is what makes people more knowledgeable, and the more people know, the better the world around him. That is why this tech entrepreneur founded and runs Frey Robotics ( and Nova Tribune (

Frey Robotics was founded based on the belief that informing people as to current technology might spark something that could improve the future. When automation and robotics move forward, simple tasks can be done more efficiently and effectively, which can improve everyone’s future. With that knowledge, consumers should understand that more and fear the future much less.

Donald Kerry Frey’s news site, Nova Tribune, also take a different approach, in that it presents the news from both sides, informing them in a way that everyone can relate to.
Donald’s tech entrepreneurial background gives him the knowledge and the resources to make sure that Frey Robotics and The Nova Tribune are successful.

Donald Kerry Frey, Founder of The Nova Tribune and Frey Robotics

Donald Kerry Frey has always has a passion for the research and discovery of information. He finds great joy in the process of understanding new things and then using that knowledge to better the world around him for himself and others. Between the two companies that he runs The Nova Tribune (, a news based website, and Frey Robotics (, a technology startup, he is always finding new and innovative ways to develop as well as share information.

The first company helmed by Donald Kerry Frey is The Nova Tribune. The Nova Tribune was founded in order to give readers options when it came to receiving information regarding current issues. It is a source for articles that are written from both sides of current arguments. The other company Donald Kerry Frey founded was that of Frey Robotics. This company was created due to an effort to integrate technology into the home and workplace. As a tech entrepreneur, Donald Kerry Frey has been able to use his knowledge of technology to bring about new solutions to everyday problems and efficiency issues. Frey Robotics has three main components they focus on: robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence. Frey believes that robotics are the way of the future and the more research and syndication we can have into that world, the more developments we can make towards progress for our futures.

Frey Robotics FAP Turbo

FAP Turbo is among the latest, distinctive and state of the art trading robot for MetaTrader platform available at Frey Robotics owned by Donald Kerry Frey. Metatrader4 is a free downloadable platform.  The robot technology uses Metatrader plugin that can identify profitable and favorable market conditions and trade the conditions automatically. FAP Turbo monitors the situation of the market on a daily basis and conducts the trading. It enables the traders to increase their earnings. They are automated Forex products that employ algorithms similar to Forex macro and Forex killer.

It is important to keep the Metatrader4 trading platform every time, whether you are asleep or away to allow it to work and bring profits. If one finds it difficult to maintain the computer on always, there is still an option of ordering a VPS (Virtual Private Server) that securely acts as the Metatrader4 trading platform host.  The use of VPS allows one to shut down the PC.

The FAP Turbo Installation is simple due to the availability of automatic installer from the vendors. Tuning has many options but is still clearly explained in the manual. The video is also available in the member area that visually demonstrates how FAP Turbo is set up on the system. FAP Turbo has friendly support for help in case you are troubled. The feature is unique and not found in most of the Forex robots.  Once purchased, the buyer gains access to The FAP Turbo’s exclusive member forum and the monthly mentoring sessions. Donald Kerry Frey is a tech entrepreneur and the current Frey Robotics owner.

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