Donald Kerry Frey‘s formidable background as a tech entrepreneur serves as the bedrock of his ability to realize the potential of two cherished endeavors: Frey Robotics ( and Nova Tribune ( While his passion for information has always burned brightly, his focus extends beyond mere consumption to the realm of information production, driven by a fervent desire to cultivate greater intelligence and civic engagement among the populace.

The genesis of these platforms stemmed from Donald’s conviction that the process of information production is intrinsically linked to enhancing its consumption. With Frey Robotics, he endeavors to illuminate readers about technological innovations in a manner that engenders acceptance and understanding. Similarly, Nova Tribune seeks to transcend the biases prevalent in mainstream media by presenting news from all sides of every argument, thereby empowering readers with a comprehensive understanding of complex issues.

By offering alternatives to conventional information sources, Donald Kerry Frey aspires to set a new standard in information dissemination, one that prioritizes inclusivity, objectivity, and integrity. In his vision, these initiatives represent a transformative step towards fostering a more enlightened and engaged society.