Everyone who has ever met Donald Kerry Frey knows that has always had a passion for information and how it can be used to make people more excited about and less fearful modern technology. That was his primary rationale for establishing one of the most unique and innovative tech information websites on the Internet, Frey Robotics (freyrobotics.com).

Donald Kerry Frey’s stated purpose for creating Frey Robotics is to provide the public with technological information that is fuller and more useful than is available elsewhere in the universe. There is none of the constant talk about “disruption” and there is no stoking the fears of everyone whose job may be replaced by a robot at Frey Robotics. The site’s content is based on a simple idea, really. Donald believes that people can become informed about the current state of technology in a way that will make them less anxious and more accepting of the reality, which is that automation and robotics will continue to make life simpler and easier to deal with.